Sunday, 31 May 2015

John Glossop's Gesso Workshop at Craft-e-Liza, Mansfield

Another entertaining day at Craft-e-Liza lovely bunch of ladies and some lovely finished projects its just a shame that the pictures don't do them justice .This one is still one of my favourite workshops running the industriana clock into a close second place .This is a great shop if you are in Mansfield and get a chance to check them out you wont be disappointed . Thank you for having us for the day

Meryle and her ladies being creative......

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Santa Pod VW Show April 2015

Rat Rods ...... we will have a Ratty one day......

Very cool and fun day out at the VW show  in Santa Pod. Some brilliantly customised vans on show, from the contemporary to the extreme and eccentric! It has always been my goal to have one of these vans and for those who know me and have checked out my blog,  "Ugly", would not look out of place in an extreme ratty!

We are currently looking for one to buy and customise, it is very time consuming looking through the ads to find our perfect van.... so watch this blog! It may be that we have to start out with something smaller and work up, but our goal is to definitely have one of these at some time. The more workshops I teach the sooner we can have one and then you'll see it because it will then become the "works van "

Take a look at the slide show these were some of our favourites.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and comments.

See ya later !

Friday, 29 May 2015

What am I up to this weekend, with Dreams of Vintopia?

30 May 2015

Today, I am at Craft-E-Liza Mansfield, with Meryle and her ladies, doing our Gesso canvas. We had a great workshop when we did our Butterfly canvas. Looking forward to seeing the various interpretations by the ladies.

31 May 2015

Today we will be at Kraftiz, with Julie for her Dabble Day. It was a great success last year and fabulous food and free gift bag to everyone who did the makes and takes. There were lots of new techniques to be learnt, looking forward to another great day on Sunday.

Metal Embossing, Box Workshop, by John Glossop.


John Glossop's Metal Embossed Samples. 

      My finished samples for the Metal Embossing Workshop at Grace's in Middlesbrough.

Faux rivets were used to add depth, then wrapped in the metal.
Here I used my interpretation of the faux leather technique to line the inside of the box, this is a favourite effect of mine.
Inside of the completed boxes, showcasing the faux leather. 

Thank you to Grace and her team for having us - the workshop and enthusiasm from all the ladies was brilliant, we had a great time, good food, lots of laughs, (not to mention a few blushes lol) and were all exhausted by the end of the day!
Looking forward to my next workshop with everyone back at Grace's in September 2015