Monday, 31 August 2015

Just Another Mannequin Monday?


Maniq Monday again

Hi Guys its Maniq Monday again not got much done this week. I've returned to work this week and been quite busy but what I have taken pictures of what I have done. Below is a picture of the ribbed crest that runs from the brow line to the nape. This will add texture and will look like cast iron by the time I've painted and textured it .

The Ridge running front to back

The decorative chest plate is courtesy of an ornate hinge which I've changed Slightly and I've impregnated a pressure gauge into the chest region
I am hoping to get some more of the head decorated this week so pop back next week for an update.
but I do have a metal workshop to prepare for and teach this coming weekend so i'll get do what I can.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Weekend away with my girls

A weekend away with my ladies 
 This weekend we spent in Blackpool , its the first time I have been there and not been on the rides ( still in recovery from my surgery) but I enjoyed it non the less with great company, my partner Heather and her son Jarred and my lovely daughter Beth.

Quite a few people on the beach Sunday doing the usual beachy type stuff.

Me and Heather taken on the South Pier ( I think ) with Blackpool tower in the background.

I had to take this one it reminds me of a sales meeting at work lol.

It's not manic Monday?


Maniq Monday... ish  

Well things have moved on a little bit this week . I have screwed on the laminated shoulder pads.
I have fitted and padded out the cyclopean visor ( this came from an old marine boat siren I picked up somewhere )
The lights above the visor I think but I could be wrong came from an old carnival ride .I got quite a few in all different colours.
 The shoulder pads are decorated with two heavy duty vintage resistors from the 50's or 60's

Shoulder pads and visor detail the resistors look really cool and give it that retro industrial vibe


Visor screwed on and then secured with Golden gel medium all open spaces were then patched in ready for filler

Visor secured now to decorate

Lights fitted above visor.


Shoulder pads screwed into body

 I think the next stage will be to tidy up the rough areas using some fast drying filler. I am starting to think about how to decorate the head next , I have an idea but not sure if it will work . Watch this space to see what I do this week .

Monday, 17 August 2015

It's Mannequin Monday again!!

We actually have a post for "Mannequin Monday......

I know I know ... calm down not much to report but its Monday and that means a mannequin update, so here it is. The final paper cover has gone on and its been painted with black gesso.

Deirdre with her first coat of paint.


Shoulder pad details.

Shoulder pad details.

 First stages of the making of the shoulder pads.
The shoulder pads start off as a hand drawn template, this is cut out and duplicated. The two templates are the re-enforced on the part that will overhang the shoulder ( it will make sense once they are attached). they are then stitched together with light gauge wire for added details.
Look at the photos of "Sewer Rat " and "Felicity2 for finished samples.

I found a whole new bunch of bits I would like to incorporate in some way or another.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Mannequin Monday 1o Aug 2015....

Deirdre is nearing the stage of decoration.....

Hi Guys sorry I've been getting behind on this project .Without boring you too much, I have gotten a bit bogged down. The post op recovery is going really well , everything looks like its healing really nicely, I am just feeling really tired. All that aside I have started work on Deirdre again but I think I need to be a bit more realistic and maybe maniq Monday will have to be every too weeks from now on, especially when I go back to work. From the other mannequins I have done this is the best time for me the laborious part of making the mannequin is over and now I can enjoy and let the creative juices do their job.

Deirdre having first base coat of paint
Deirdre having first base coat of paint

Some of the bits that I could use on Deirdre

I have been through the goodie pile and pulled a few possible items to use on this mannequin I find this stage strangely exciting the minds eye takes over quite a bit at this stage . I may not use everything in this pile but I will definitely use some of these goodies and lots more