Monday, 30 November 2015

Metal Box

Finished and dressed metal embossed boxes 

Top picture shows the three stages of colouring whilst the picture bellows shows a finished box dressed for display

Metal Box Faux Leather

Box Internals  
The internals of the boxes are decorated with faux leather which turned out great and once again the pictures don't do them justice

Metal box Rose Detail

Top view of metal embossed boxes
Two pictures showing the two degrees of colouring  the roses are hand tooled onto Quilting metal ( Pewter ) the one on the left is lightly painted and then buffed the one on the right is more heavily painted and then sealed

Metal Box Workshop at MB Crafts, Cleethorpes, 21 Nov 2015

A combination of metal embossed boxes from my last workshop in Cleethorpes

A great day was had by all. A great bunch of ladies and a great day , no doubt i'll be there again sometime next year.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Maniq Monday Deirdre's Tanks Painted........


Revelation of Detail

It's amazing how the base coat of black reveals the detail . The middle picture is probably the best representation of the finished tanks but these will look even better by the time I have put more texture and paint effects on to them . Keep watching .

Maniq Monday Deirdre's Air Tanks Take Shape......

Detailing of Deirdre's Tanks

Shaping ,contouring and detailing is now complete. I love how these have turned out although they look more like mortar shells than oxygen tanks , they have been textured, they just need painting up.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Vintage Camera Finds... 15 November 2015 Sheffield


Retro Camera Oddments 


Last weekend we found some really cool vintage/retro photography  accessories
there is a really cool lens, a couple of vintage light meters and some other bits, don't know what they are but that doesn't matter to me , what matters to me is that they are cool and that they will be re-purposed.  We also found a couple of retro brooches.
Cool lens and light meters
No idea what these are but I love them
The whole ensemble

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dream Metal Embossing & Colouring Workshop

Metal Colouring workshop at Graces Craft Shop in Middlesbrough

What a great workshop and what a great day. all different ways to colour or alter metal . I did this as a techniques sampler .The base substrate is an Ikea mirror frame . The texture is built up by using different techniques and then coloured in different ways.

Coloured with Black Acrylic and Terracotta Alcohol Ink

Coloured with Black Acrylic and Pool Alcohol Ink

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rusty Owl Workshop


 Rusty Owl Workshop

Had a great day teaching this rusty owl workshop  
Basically this is a technique sampler where we attempted to simulate marble, wrought iron, cast iron , Faux welding and faux rusting techniques
we also did faux rivets , faux pop rivets, faux nails and faux screws

Monday, 9 November 2015

Manniq Monday :- Deirdre's Oxygen Tanks

 Deirdre's Oxygen Tanks

Hi Guys
             Finally got back to working on Deirdre and had some great fun doing it. I decided she needed some oxygen tanks. This was done by cutting a plastic coke bottle in half ( I didn't want them to be too bulky ) The two halves were then filled and wrapped with newspaper and then tissue paper before sealing with golden gel medium. They will then be paper blocked before adding detail and faux welding . Come back soon and see what the finished tanks look like .


The intermediate tissue paper layer
Blocking and padding out with newspaper

Paper blocked and then sealed with Gel medium