Butterfly Canvas


 Howdy all,
                  "Shabby Chic "who  doesn't love it?.
One of my all time favourite workshops ,
what I consider to be entry level mixed media.
I have taught this workshop umpteen times now and the response is always the same ,
"mine won't look anything like that." Well you know what? that's the idea.
No matter what the skill level they all turn out stunning but best of all they are all slightly different.
Ladies and gents ( yeah I get the odd guy )  all love their finished piece .

Although entry level this is still a six hour workshop.
There are some of my favourite simple, but effective techniques involved, which of course, I am happy to share with you.

Techniques include:
Paper blocking, paint blending, dry brushing, blind stamping, paper rose making and napkin transfers.

Its nice to be able to check and see how many view the blog and I appreciate that ,
but guess what ?
I'd rather hear your views , yeah I'm interested in what you think ,I'm not really bothered about a page of comments saying nice , lovely , stunning lol, I'd rather have some dialogue with you so please , leave me a comment .
I am happy to answer any questions about products I've used .

If you like this piece and would like to book a workshop, please leave a comment or send me an email to dreamsofvintopia1@gmail.com

Thanks for looking!

Catch you later


  1. Still want to talk to you about a workshop in Essex! Xxx

    1. you can talk to me anytime you want mrs you have my number

  2. Hi John was at your Worksop in Fleetwood yesterday. Really enjoyed it. You gave me inspiration to try things I would never have thought with Art . Mixed media is never ending . Thank you to you and Heather

    1. Hi Moira our pleasure nice to meet you glad you enjoyed it