Saturday, 7 December 2019

Hello Again

I know....................

Its been awhile, where have we been?  what have we been doing?

Well it has been a year ( almost to the day ) since we last posted.

We decided to take a year off from what we were doing to reflect and plan what we wanted to do going forward.

The teaching format that we were using was no longer working for us. There were too many limitations and restrictions which weren't proportional to the recompense and time invested.

None the less things have been ticking over and developing nicely in the background.

This should all come to fruition on Monday when the next leg of our journey begins.

We can then let people know what we are doing?

I suppose this post is a combination of a thanks post and a hello and welcome post.

The new year presents lots of new problems and opportunities not just for us but the people we will become involved with. 

Its good to be back.

John & Heather.