"Mannequinarium" - Making of Deirdre.

The Making Of Deirdre

Hi Guys this is the making of Deirdre, if you are looking at this it may be that you are interested in my Mannequin's. It may be that you have seen a picture somewhere or seen one of my mannequins in the flesh or it may just be that you know me and want to check up on what I am doing.

During the creative process  I have tried to post photos periodically, showing, hopefully, my thought  processes of building and decorating a mannequin. There is no plan to any of my mannequins they just evolve organically. It may be that I have a particular piece of hardware I want to use or even a particular technique I want to incorporate.
My mannequin bases are all made from scratch using time tested methods of papier-mâché and plaster bandage.

The first stage of composition - the making of the mould.

Removing the papier-mâché from the mould.

 First plaster bandage covering.

More papier-mâché

First coat of paint

Embellishment time, now the fun starts 

Me making her tanks

 Love the look of these photos


  1. She looks great John, you have an amazing imagination

  2. Thanks Julie she looks even better now she is finished lol