Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thursday's Fantabulous Finds 26.04.17 Part 2

Victorian Childrens Book 1900

I know. I am a sucker for anything Victorian so couldn't go home without this when I saw it . Loads of lovely old Adverts in it. It is so cool.
I didn't realise how far back this publication went back I already have a 1954 Chatterbox annual to keep it Company.

Thursday's Fantabulous Finds 26.04.17 part 1- Paint brush Jars.

Great for the studio!

Never one to walk away from a bargain , This weeks Thursday's Fantabulous finds. These are two earthenware jars. These are ideal for storing my Paint brushes in. They may even get decorated. 

Works a treat just needs a good wash and maybe a bit of decoration.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Holiday Snaps

Cruise Photos

A few photos from my recent Birthday cruise. If you haven't visited any of these places and you like ancient monuments I would recommend all these places.
Some Lovely places and some wonderful memories.

The Acropolis at Athens 

Alanya Castle

Ephesus, Kusadasi

A traditional Greek village at Ag Nik. Crete.

The Acropolis at Rhodes

Monday, 24 April 2017

Dabble Day Craftstation Sutton in Ashfield.

Fantastic Days Crafting

This weekend I had the pleasure of being involved in Craftstation's Dabble day. A twice yearly event held in Sutton In Ashfield. A great line-up of tutors including-Leonie Pujol, Katherine Sturrock, Lisa Bird and Sue Burrows, some lovely projects.

These are the variations of the project I did.

The Instructors along with Helen Fearn the host of the day.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Future Project -Triangular drawers

Another recent Find

I recently picked these up in a charity shop ( don't quite remember where I go into that many) .
I thought these would look quite cool wrapped in copper or aluminium and then add some patina or Verdigris, watch this space to see if I ever get around to doing them and what they end up like.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Powertex Sleeping face

Waste Not Want Not

Whenever I teach a Powertex Workshop or class I always try to teach that there should never be any waste products. This is a prime example. I always have a few part finished pieces on the go and any liquid hardener that is left at the end is used on these.
Some of my best pieces have been made up of leftovers and offcuts I love this little piece. To me, it looks like a sleeping babe in swaddling.

Monday, 10 April 2017

A Recent Freebie!!

Dumpster Diving

Well, Its not often it happens, but I got a couple of freebies. Well more than a couple but I had to drag them out of a skip. Yeah I know what a scrounger but they were going to the tip? Who would have done the same? They are hand carved and real wood not MDF. The 10p piece is for scale lol.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Recent Horological Finds.

Two new acquisitions

I recently picked these up on my travels, the one on my right is in a Bakelite housing and was bought in Essex. the one on the left is in a wooden housing but the veneer is in drastic need of some TLC and was bought in Notts. They have identical movements by Smiths of Enfield and the movements are in really good condition. I have no idea of age but I'm. guessing 50's or 60's.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Powertex Blog Candy Give Away

As Promised

Well here it is, as promised ( although 20 minutes late ).
To mark my first published piece in Craft Stamper and because it was a Powertex piece, here is my Powertex blog candy give away.

What you get:-
1 litre of Powertex Ivory Fabric Hardener
A Sample kit containing
Stone Art Powder
3D balls Large
3D balls Medium
3D balls Small
5 assorted bags of Bister
50ml bottle of Easy Varnish
5 Assorted bags of Powercolor
1 bag of Colortricx Terragreen

What you have to do :-
You must follow this blog
you must comment on this post :- "Yes please John"
I will issue a number for every person who is a follower and comments " Yes Please John" so check back after you have commented so you know your number .
I will let this blog Candy run until midnight of Friday the 28th of April.

This blog candy giveaway is only open to UK mainland entrants,
after I have drawn the winning number I will give you a week to contact me with your address. If  I dont have the address after that I will redraw the winning number.

Good Luck.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Son's Band Going On Tour

Mini EP Release Tour

This is my sons band. You may have seen a couple of their videos posted on here. If you like them, why not check them out live. they are releasing their EP " Emotions Aside " and doing a mini tour to promote it. Its a free gig so why not check them out, or alternately why not pre-order an EP.
Thanks in advance.

Image may contain: 4 people, text

Thursday, 6 April 2017

"Read All About It!!"

Read all about it

Good morning all. Don't  Forget Craft Stamper is available  in your local craft shop from today. If you do get a copy I would be interested to hear what you think of my first published piece .

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener for Powertex Bottles.

Bottle Opener For Powertex Bottles

We have been asked at numerous workshops for this tool so we went ahead and got these lasered,  out of 2mm Stainless Steel. They are cool and do a great job, so much so that we have sold half of the 200 we ordered. If you are interested please private message me on facebook for prices. They fit the 1 litre and 1/2 litre bottle lid.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

*******BLOG CANDY WARNING*******

Time to give a little back.

First of all we would like to thank everybody who has supported the blog, whether it is just a casual visit or whether you check in on a regular basis. We have had a massive amount of traffic over the last 6 months and we are both overwhelmed. As a thank you, we would like to give a little back. On Friday to coincide with May's issue of Craft Stamper we are going to do a Powertex Give away. This will hopefully generate a bit of interest and some lucky person will get themselves a nice little bundle. So watch this space for details.  Thanks x

Great Steampunk finds.


I recently picked these up with the intention of doing another steampunk mannequin
 The binoculars are self evident, does anybody know anything about the googles? They aren't dark enough to be welders goggles could they be auto/aviators goggles? If you have any idea I'd love to know.

Monday, 3 April 2017

My sons band and their new single Your Life & Mine - Life Can't Wait

Your Life and Mine, New Single:- Life Can't Wait.

Please have a listen. If you like it please share and comment.
Many thanks.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

My First Published Magazine Piece

****At Last****

Well I have been waiting since October to share this news with you.

Late last year I was asked to do a Powertex project for the Craft Stamper Magazine. Being Craft Stamper I obviously had to use Stamps as well but being an avid stamper that was no biggie. I chose a couple of Creative Expressions stamps as you'd expect as I work for them both background stamps. One was a Lisa Horton stamp and one was John Lockwood Stamp. Now I know I'm not on the Cover this time that honour goes to this lovely project by Fran Westmorland.

As soon as I get my preview picture I'll give you a cheeky peek.

The magazine is on general sale on the 7th of April. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing this piece and would love to do some more given the chance.
If you buy the magazine I would love some feedback please.
I have been asked to let people know, if you buy the magazine there has been a slight hiccup with the cover stamp the stamp advertised will be on a later issue.

John Glossop Powertex Abstract Canvas Sneak Peak

Work in Progress

Well like most artists/crafters I always have a few projects on the go, whether its a workshop I am preparing for a commission piece or just a little something for myself. This is my latest abstract canvas piece as yet untitled (I don't like to name pieces until they are finished naming them too early stops the creative process and stops the process being organic).

This canvas is 30cm x 80cm and done using Powertex ivory hardener , Powertex 3D flex and the following Powertex bisters,  Green, Blue and Brown.

Thanks for looking John.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Powertex Bling napkin ring

A Touch Of Class

Well Heather has been playing again ( bless her she comes up with all the cool stuff ) and she has made this very classy looking napkin ring.
Made using Bronze Powertex hardener a small length of natural lace ribbon a piece of double faced satin ribbon, blue ricrac and a Creative Expressions glass cabochon embellishment. The edges are softened using Powercolor turquoise .
just love it!!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Laundromatic Art Form

Towel Art

With our Cruise to Greece and Cyprus rapidly approaching I thought I would put some pictures up of this great art form that  we experienced in October on our last cruise. Every night when we returned to our room we would have a different  towel animal sculpture sat upon the bed .
What a great art form.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Powertex Doily Stands in Use

Stands for Mini Statues

Awhile ago I made some mini Statues to teach as a half day workshop. I was never happy with the way they were displayed, until now. I decided to put the doily display stands that Heather has made to use and used them for these mini statues. they look the bees knees as the statues are now displayed in a tiered way which shows them off lovely.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Powertex Doily Stand Decor

Experimentation by Heather
Well this week we did a bit of reflecting on our Powertex samples. It seems although we have some lovely finished pieces ( as well as some lovely works in progress) we have been  overlooking our display equipment . Our stands although not visually offensive lol are detracting from our finished pieces. So, Wednesday and Thursday of this week Heather, has been working on a couple of ideas to improve our display. She has come up with some lovely ideas.

The following bronze hardened doily collection look stunning in the flesh but for some reason are let down by the photography . the tiered MDF stands work great for pieces of the same size by giving a variation of height.

A Rare Day Out at Canons Ashby

A bit of R & R

As much as I like what I do It's sometimes nice to take a little time out. On the way back from our Powertex Workshop in Romford we stopped off to take advantage of our National trust membership. The venue was Canons Ashby in Corby, Northamptonshire. Home to the Dryden family since 1550's.
Later home to Sir Henry Dryden from 1837-1899 a Noted Antiquary.
If you are ever in the area and would like to see a great old house while supporting the National Trust pop in and have a look.

Shabby Chic at Crafty Corner, South Shields.

Shabby Chic book Workshop 25/03/2017

Another fantastic day in the North-East at Crafty Corner in South Shields . This was our second visit to this shop and today we taught the Shabby Chic brag book. This is basically a mini scrap book designed to take dimensional memories. A fantastic day and every bodies book turned out great.
Thanks to Dave for looking after us. Hope to see you all again soon .

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Saturday 18 March workshop

Another Fantastic Day

What a great day at That's Crafty in Romford , Essex.
I hope I speak for everybody when I say we had a fab day Powertexing down south .
The ladies made some really lovely bottles and plaques.
It always amazes me how the same kit and the same tuition can give such diverse results, and that my friends is the beauty of Powertex.

Powertex Shining star

Powertex Shining Star For March

Well what a nice surprise.
It is nice to be part of a great team and have your achievement recognised.
It has been a very busy month for us  on the Powertex front, but well worth it .

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Powertex works in progress

Sample Pieces Made at NEC March 2017

I had the pleasure of demonstrating on the Powertex stand this last week .
These are the works in progress from the demo  The top one is a Mannequin roughly 18" without the stand.

The skull plaque is  one of my favourite pieces, can't wait to finish it.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Sunday Stroll

A welcome breather

It made a nice change this Sunday to have a nice stroll in the grounds of Rufford Abbey. It makes a nice change when you work 7 days a week to have a bit of a break so a couple of hours strolling the grounds and a nice hot chocolate gave just a little respite to the hustle and bustle that is a modern day life.

The guy in the top right had aright Bee in his bonnet and was honking his head off about something.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Saga of the ever growing Garden update

Still getting bigger

Well progress is slow but it moving forward .
This picture shows how much of the trees we have removed and how it has opened up the space.

This picture shows what appears to be a tree but is in fact the old concrete clothes pole which I dug/wrestled out of the ground on Sunday. The next job was to bag  the rest of the detritus ready for the skip coming. I have temporarily propped up the neighbours fence on the right hand side until something more permanent can be put in place.

The next job is to Take down the Elderflower tree ( top left ) and the Cherry blossom down
(top right) I can then re-define the boundaries. The groundworks can then start. Watch this space.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Search engine issues

Hi all,
         It has come to our attention that the blog has been invisible to some search engines. I am surprised as the amount of traffic that comes to the blog is quite staggering. On the plus side it should be visible to everybody now and the visitor numbers should be even higher . To all those that do visit the blog and comment , thank you very much for your time and watch this space for some imminent blog candy.

Fantastic day at Samuel taylor Leeds

Another full day of Powertex Fun

A Powertex packed day at Samuel Taylor Leeds. Garden Plaques in the Morning and Solar powered bottle bling in the afternoon.
Some stunning finished pieces well done ladies.
Hope you ladies are back yo do the abstract canvas later in the year.