Tuesday, 31 January 2017

John Glossop Powertex Canvas "Magmata"

Powertex Abstract Canvas

Its always nice to work with a versatile product and I think this canvas illustrates this point.
this is one of my accreditation pieces I have called it "Magmata"
The canvas is done using Powertex 3D flex, Ivory, Red and Black Powertex fabric hardener, as well as 3d sand and 3d balls of all sizes .
The process was pretty organic and although rather dark it does give off a lot of heat (lol) even if its only in my head . It reminds me of molten magma and moving tectonic plates.

this is the canvas in its entirety

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ever growing garden the saga continues

It just keeps getting bigger

The saga to create space for our studio continues, we have regained so much space its unbelievable how all this was hidden behind the hedge.

A cheap shredder/chipper has been a god send and saved us so many man hours . I would highly recommend one of these.

I had to build a little pallet bridge for Heather to get over my footings trench. The idea is to lose the slope and instead have a 2/3 tiered garden.

Next job will be to top the trees at the top , rip down and replace the fence. I can then put down the concrete slab for the base of the shed/studio.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

John Glossop Powertex Helpful Tip Number 1

Helpful tips for using Powertex Products number 1

I thought I would post this tip , for the simple reason it solved a problem for me . If it works for me then it might work for you. My problem was during workshops I was constantly having to refill my bister mister bottles because of their small capacity. So I  bought bigger spritzer bottles but wasn't impressed with their dispersal pattern . Now , like a lot of people at the moment, we are eating healthy, so when this bottle became empty I grabbed it to try and hey presto , a great spray pattern with a 190ml capacity and absolutely free, the label is easy to remove which makes them ideal.
I would assume that they will work for any soluble paints or ink mediums but have not tried them with micas.
Let me know how you go on.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mini Powertex Fabric statue workshop at Graces Craft Shop Middlesbrough.

Mini Powertex Statues

A nice introduction to the world of Powertex fabric sculpted statues. these are half the size of a normal Powertex stature and is taught as an half day workshop.
They are all made with Powertex Bronze fabric hardening solution and various Powertex heads.

If you fancy doing this as a workshop contact me for details either through this blog or via facebook .

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The ever growing garden

Planned Garden Transformation

Trenches dug for footings for retainer wall
Last December we started tidying the garden up ready to build our workshop/studio. Well every weekend since then, usually Sunday because that's the only free time we have, the garden has slowly increased in size . I calculate that we have probably gained about 25 square metres so far. Anyhoo we are still in the chaotic tear it down rip it up phase of the landscaping . I will post pictures so that you can see where we are at .
Work underway... can you spot me?
Clearing started

There is a fence here!

Friday, 20 January 2017

No More Manniq Mondays.................

Deirdre Completed

We have been moving a few things on the Blog and having a clean up and we realised that we never put a completed picture of Deirdre up!! So here she is in her completed glory.

I think she turned out great .... but then I would ...she is my baby!!!

I wanted a lot of texture, ( check out the pics below for the zombie flesh!) and colour on Deirdre, the opposite of the other 2. Some of you may notice she doesn't have her rocket packs on, I decided they didn't look right on her so they will be used on another project. 

The mannequins are one of my favourite projects, however they are very time consuming
so not sure when I will find time to start another one as we have a lot on this year.... maybe I will start a Powertex one .... I have the base already done so just need the ideas and time. 

Thanks to everyone for the comments and for taking the time to follow the creation of Deirdre.

Ta for now

Deirdre in all her glory

"Zombie Flesh... a cool technique

Belt detail

Monday, 16 January 2017

Latest Cool find

My Latest Cool Find

Well I keep finding these cool things . I am not exactly sure what this is . I think it is a clock casing , it is made from wood and cast metal . Anybody who knows me knows that I love stuff like this. I particularly like the cast metal work.

Metal Finials and a lovely textured domed arch.

Lovely Lions head/paw Feet and lovely decorative twisted Columns.
If anybody else has things like this I would love to see them .

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dream ~ Metal Embossing Frame by John Glossop

Dream Metal Embossing

Metal repousse workshop. This frame was made up of 8 different panels surrounding a central focal panel. Each panel was made and decorated before being mounted onto the frame. Each panel is a technique within itself. The texture was achieved by using metal embossing tools, Creative Expressions embossing folders, Die cuts and scrim tape.

Once assembled the metal was treated with alcohol inks, black acrylic paint and translucent acrylic paint to achieve the coloured finish.

This is an in depth workshop however the end project is well worth the effort.