Monday, 25 April 2016

Experiments in Powertex

First play post workshop

Johns first attempt at a Powertex bottle first attempt post training day.
Love the texture and love it even more now it is painted

I obviously had to pass my new found skills on to Heather and I love her Floral bottle, well done love you did a great job x

If you don't know what Powertex is it is a fabric hardening system designed to work on Natural absorbent substrates for example Cotton, Calico , Denim and paper and card
I am hoping to start teaching workshops in the very near future

I am Back

Good Evening

Well I know its been a while but I am Back .

There has been lots of exciting things happening here over the last month or so and lots more in the pipeline.

so a brief update for you .....

Deirdre is in the latter stages of paint ,

The Gypsy/pirate bottle I started a while ago is nearing completion.

I have taught some lovely ladies some lovely workshops

and my lovely partner and soulmate paid for me to do a Powertex workshop for my birthday .If you don't know what Powertex is watch this space as there is a good chance you will see quite a bit of it on here I love the stuff.

Pictures of all to follow

I am gearing up for an Art exhibition in Sheffield and have had a couple of commissions come through this week.

all in all things are good and starting to pick up

I have booked a week in Scotland for Heathers birthday and we have a Med cruise booked for October , its mum and dads 50th Wedding Anniversary in November and they have decided to come with us.