Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mannequin Monday Update

Yeah I know its Tuesday not Monday but its been a bit of a hectic weekend, what with the arrival of Priscilla and my convalescence in its second week. Its getting exciting with Deirdre now she is on the last layer of paper as you can see, she will then be sealed and the fun can commence. I have a few ideas already . So watch this space.
On a different note we are off to the Pickering steam rally this coming weekend. I love these places and hopefully will bring back some great pictures and some cool bits from the jumble section.
Have a good weekend.....
                                                             Tara fa na
Head View

Side View
Front View

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Not quite Mannequin Monday..........

Hi Guys, Hope you have all faired well in my absence? Well I am now a week post op and thought it was about time I started to do some light duties, light crafting/sculpting more like. If you are interested the op seems to have been a success but will know in a few weeks at my next consultation.
Right back to Mannequin duties .Deirdre has had her two coats of plaster bandage and is into the refining stages now. She will now have the following:  newspaper, tissue and then a final layer of newspaper this will help "to iron" out any large imperfections in the plaster layer.
Thanks for looking
tara for na

Deirdre having her penultimate newspaper coating.

Two more paper coatings and then the serious fun will start!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Maniq Monday

Good Monday to you all

Many thanks for taking a look I know its Monday and  that means Mannequin update .

Unfortunately I am going for surgery on Wednesday and so Deirdre has been neglected a little this week . If all goes well on Wednesday then I'll get double photos on next week.


Ta fa nah

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Market Treasure 05 July 2015

Car boot loot from this Sunday...... we collected a nice little stash this weekend. We bought some lovely moulded items for gesso canvas's, a couple of ornate buckles from some belts, which we also salvaged some studs from. A very pretty humming bird pendant, a pretty picture frame with flower painting and some delicate little spoons.
I have to admit the stash is becoming a bit of a mountain at the moment we are buying stuff quicker than we can use it but you can never have too much stash.

       Various moulded items for gesso canvas workshops
Squares, wreaths, flower sprays, numerous ovals.
 some of the salvaged bits from the belts and the frame.

buckles and humming bird.

the spoons.

This is one of the belt buckles, a plastic mould and a decoration from the belt.
How well they work together.



Monday, 6 July 2015

Mannequinn Monday.....

Photo update on Deirdre......
She has had her head fitted and 2 coats of plaster bandage , I  know she doesn't look too great at the moment but trust me I've done this before.The next phase is to smooth her out with another layer of tissue and a couple more layers of newspaper. Then the fun bit starts!!

I know she looks like a munter at the mo but  she will be lovely
beauty is in the eye of the beholder


before the head is attached looks rather messy I
know but its a sequential process and this is just one stage


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Workshop updates

No Bookings available till September 2015........

Thought it only right that I let people know why there are no workshops in my diary for the next couple of months

Unfortunately in a week or so I am going for surgery and hopefully fingers crossed I will be back in business around six weeks after the Op .

Hopefully everything will be straight forward and I'll be back
on my feet and back soon to doing light duties.

I'll post as and when I feel upto it.


The Mannequinarium update on the making of Deirdre.......

Cutting head from mould.
This week saw me remove Deirdre's "head" from the mould
and attaching it to the "body" of the mannequin a chaotic process of building ,destroying and rebuilding
A slow process and at this stage she is quite
fragile but once she is patched up and attached to the body,she is ready for the next stage which is the plaster bandage reinforcing,
 which gives everything its integrity
Front view - no destruction visible!

Side View

Front View

Rear View