Wednesday, 24 January 2018

"Trio Perfecto"

Sisters of Mercy

I never grow old of teaching this workshop,

whether it be to a group of 12 or to a single individual.

The transformation from block and dowel to elegant lady is mesmerising.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to do a private workshop for to lovely ladies.

and these are the finished masterpieces.

The one to the left and the one to the right belong to the clients.

They are fab.

Thanks for looking
Perseus & Andromeda

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Studio or Mancave??

Moving Along Nicely

Things have moved along quite a bit since we took on the unit.

As you can see from being a hollow shell its not looking quite homely and its a lovely space to work in.

This is what we had to start with, not even a door lol.

I managed to source and hang a cheap but good quality door.
and then move in the contents of one of our storage units.

Getting it slowly looking how we want it feedback has ben great.

Its only a small unit but we have managed to cram quite a bit of stuff in there.

And the Powertex display is looking quite impressive.

What I ultimately wanted was a comfortable space to work in and teach and maybe make a few sales as a bonus.

Thanks for looking
Cagney & Lacey

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Studio Progression

Studio Progression

Just a few pictures to show what is happening and what I have been up to today

 When we moved into the unit there was technically no door on,

the last few days have been tied up moving stuff in cleaning and putting in a door and frame. 

All the Rosie Mcstone range of metal embellishments are bagged and priced.

I have been working on setting up the Powertex corner today and getting samples out .

Rosie Mcstone embellishments and stamps

Work going on in "Powertex Corner".

Today the rest of the Grid wall kit is being delivered and the new heater " I can't wait.

Tomorrow I will put some photos up of the vintage/retro side as it evolves.

Thanks for looking

Marc & Cleo xx

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Putting The Flesh On The Bones

Personalising The Studio
"Rosie's Journey"

We are in! We have moved a tonne of stuff into the studio but you know what its like you accumulate so much stuff. I would say we have probably moved maybe a fifth of the mass.

To be fair though though she is starting to take on a personality all of her own although I do confess she is a little quirky.

It is the first time we have seen all the stuff in one place instead of scattered over multiple storage units and although exciting a little scary as well.

I will try and get some photos up later so you can see what a pickle I'm in.

I suppose we should save a little space for workshops?

Just in case there is any interest.

Thanks for looking and showing an interest

Danny & Sandy x

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Social Crafting

Friendly "Powertexing"

 I may have said before but over the holidays we did a spot of social crafting.

It is a fab way to socialise, Food, Wine and Powertex I can see this becoming a regular event.

we made Christmas trees as you can see, surprisingly social crafting takes a lot longer.

This is our friends Lisa's finished tree.

How cool is that hey?

Thanks for looking
Big Ted & Amble x

Goodbye Old Friends

Christmas Consigned To The Loft

Well. it's time to say goodbye to this years Powertex Christmas Baubles.

They will be consigned to the loft until Christmas starts again in June ( I kid yee not).

I do love making these Victorian style Baubles, they always turn out fab.

I hope you find these as enjoyable to look at as they have been to make.

I promise this is my last post until May lol.

Thanks for looking
Clark & Lois

Monday, 1 January 2018

Moving In

Zero Minus One

As you all know ( I think I may have said)  January the second is the start of our new little project.

It will probably take us a week to get in and settled ( My first job is to put a new door on ), but please come and see us, it may be a bit eclectic to start with a mix of the old and the new.

It is well worth a visit to have a look around the vintage centre and have a tea in the tea room.

We will be doing regular craft workshops as well as selling a small selection of crafting materials. and some strange bits and pieces for use in altered art, such as radio valves and mantle clock casings and ceramic dolls heads lol

There will be regular Powertex workshops and lots of interesting altered art and mixed media supplies and workshops , both with myself and with guest craft tutors.

We also have some card making classes in the pipeline as well as plans for a regular scrapbook crop and layout sessions.

As ever I will keep those of you interested updated with pictures on here.

Thank you for looking and for your continued support.

John & Heather