Tuesday, 30 June 2015

"Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well"

I have been working in the Mannequinarium tonight, (pictures to follow soon), working on the Delilah's head. If you didn't know, Delilah is the latest mannequin. The head is now off the mould and the head and body are now one!
I have taken some pictures which I will upload shortly
Enjoy your extra second!
Ta for nah

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Byrkley Gesso Canvas Workshop, finished canvas.

Well here they are
the finished canvasses from yesterdays private Workshop
Black gesso canvasses
and don't they all look amazing ?
I know there was some doubts as the canvasses progressed, but I've seen this all before and
I knew that the end result would be amazing
a big thank you to these ladies
this is the third workshop we've done together and with another date in the diary
they have put me on the spot to come up with another challenging workshop
If you would like to do a small workshop with a few friends in informal
surroundings either at your place or mine I am always willing to accommodate just send me a message. but in the meantime check out the pictures of the  ladies finished project
see you on Mannequin Monday

My completed canvas, another John Glossop original.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Whats on today at Dreams of Vintopia with John Glossop

Today I am at Birkley Garden Centre for a private workshop, teaching the gesso canvas, see the pictures below. We will be doing a variation of this.
 This is a small workshop compared to normal.  If you would like to do the canvas with a few friends rather than a large class, I can accommodate from 5 upwards. Check in later to find out how the day went.
Have fun in the sun .....
Black Gesso Canvas
Corner Detail
Owl detail

Top detail

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Industrial Clock

A great workshop incorporating lots of cool techniques
with the exception of the clock mechanism every thing on this clock is treated card or paper
If you like the look of this project, check the other pictures in the page in the headers at the top of the blog pages.


Full view of the clock and the various panels that make it up.


The finished project is a complete working clock

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cragside carvings with John Glossop

What an amazing art form
On the 7th of September last year (Heathers Birthday)
 we went to Cragside House in Northumberland
and saw these amazing tree carvings
Just a couple of the amazing things to see at Cragside 
if you have never been there its amazing check it out.
If any body has pictures of other tree carvings I would love to see them

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Blog Candy Give Away

Here it is at long last......
The Blog Candy I have been promising, I have tried to put a mix together that reflects my type of crafting, so if you like my type of crafting, you will like what is in the bag.
All you have to do to be eligible for the draw is to be a follower on Dreams of Vintopia and leave a comment on this post. When I have 35 followers, who have all left a comment, I will enter you all into the draw. So if you are a mixed media artist or know a mixed media artist, follow me at dreamsofvintopia1.blogspot.co.uk

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Whats happening in Dreams of Vintopia with John Glossop today......

Happy Saturday Everyone,
                                           Hope you are all well , I am actually starting work again in the "Manneqinarium" today .Its approximately 5 weeks till I go for my surgery so would like to get another one finished before I go under the Knife , I am interested to know if people would like to see the progress in stages or just see the finished mannequin when its done? Let me know.

Picked up some great goodies since finishing Felicity and The Sewer Rat aka Ugly.,
Hoping to use them on the next mannequin.

Our Yorkshire Rose.
On a different note our first batch of roses have bloomed this week and are looking rather nice.

Beautiful Red Roses

Blog Candy at Last

Hi Guys,
              At long last the Blog Candy is almost ready to be released . I know its taken awhile but if anything is worth having it is worth waiting for. I will endeavour to get it photographed and uploaded by midnight tomorrow.
so .... keep em peeled.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sewer Rat and Felicity

Sibling Rivalry down at the "Mannequarium"
Well here they are together. Ugly and Felicity
rumour has it there is another member of the family on the way
but you'll just have to watch this space and see.
I'd be interested to see which one you peeps prefer?

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Felicity Prototype Mannequin Shelf unit

 Hi guys how's it going?

This is Felicity , I suppose she was the prototype to " the sewer rat " mannequin already featured on here .
I wanted this one functional so I turned it into a mini shelf unit .
What do you think ? quite cool eh?
I had lots of fun doing this as I also made the mannequin from scratch ( the first of many ).
It is made using a papier mache/ plaster bandage base and decorated with a steam punk theme as you can see.
All in all about 20 man hours went into this ,I think its worth it and although the pictures are pretty good they don't do her justice.

Felicity Mannequin Front View


Top shelf detail


Bottom shelf detail

Rear view


neck detail

neck detail

Monday, 8 June 2015

More Market Finds 07 June 2015

More great finds from the weekend.
First of all a lovely old fire screen which will work great as a standing frame for one of my canvasses
Secondly a great old manual Jones Consort sewing machine.
I only bought this because Heather loved and wanted the case.
but I'm sure I can use the sewing machine or swap it on for something that I can use.


Finally I saved the best till last a pre-war treadle sewing machine by Singer ,
I absolutely love this and have great plans for it.
The top will be coming off to be replaced by a solid wood top and this will become a bistro table
to enjoy on our patio.
If you frequent car boots , Flea markets and charity shops or you have some old bits in the house you think I might be able to use I am happy to buy or swap if I think its something I may be able to use.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Market Finds 07 June 2015 with John Glossop.

Quite a good day today, found some great objects,
Found some great mini metal picture frames these will look great on the gesso canvasses.
Also found a lovely little scent bottle some fantastic owl earrings a tiny swiss clock pendant with a working watch mechanism, three awesome broaches and a tiny teapot pendant.
I think the owl earrings are my favourite. I almost forgot I also came across a lovely vintage tin that used to contain dressmaking pins.

Heyup me dearies.
                             Off to the car boot this morning to restock on goodies (not used to having a full weekend off )for the gesso canvas workshop and ultimately to see if I can find anything to swap on or
use on my pieces.
Like any other mixed media artist I love car boots, flea markets and charity shops and usually find some really cool and usually weird objects, check in later and I'll show you what I found this weekend.
catch you ron.