Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Market Treasure 05 July 2015

Car boot loot from this Sunday...... we collected a nice little stash this weekend. We bought some lovely moulded items for gesso canvas's, a couple of ornate buckles from some belts, which we also salvaged some studs from. A very pretty humming bird pendant, a pretty picture frame with flower painting and some delicate little spoons.
I have to admit the stash is becoming a bit of a mountain at the moment we are buying stuff quicker than we can use it but you can never have too much stash.

       Various moulded items for gesso canvas workshops
Squares, wreaths, flower sprays, numerous ovals.
 some of the salvaged bits from the belts and the frame.

buckles and humming bird.

the spoons.

This is one of the belt buckles, a plastic mould and a decoration from the belt.
How well they work together.



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