Monday, 23 May 2016

Powertex Fully Trained

Fully Certified To Teach Powertex

I am happy to announce that I am now fully accredited to teach Powertex workshops.
If you don't now what Powertex is, it is a unique fabric hardening system, which when cured allows you to put the treated objects outside. It can be used for making fabric sculptures, making clay, Stone effects, mixed media and altered art. 


  1. Congratulations John, wish you were nearer me to attend one of your workshops I'm sure they had a stall at the SECC in Glasgow in March but I was just leaving when I passed it they were doing workshops but I was too tired by then to hang about sorry I didn't now as I have been checking it out on YouTube and it looks fantastic, hope you show some of your work here on your blog soon.
    Nancyd xx

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    1. Hi Nancy
      Thanks for the nice comment, Powertex is an awesome product and has opened up lots more avenues for me with both my craft an my art. If you get chance to check out a workshop I'd advise it. If you check out Powertex UK website, there may be demo's or workshops near you. I'll post pictures shortly.