Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Powertex Buddha Statue Accreditation Piece

John Glossop's Adventures in Powertex

My First Powertex Statue

I absolutely love this piece, this was my first statue made during my Tutor Training at Powertex UK Head office, The Statue is made using a combination of Natural Fabrics and Powertex Bronze hardener .
The base is an upturned  wooden Planter coated to make it look like Stone a variation of another accreditation piece using Powertex ivory hardener and Powertex Stone a Powder.


If you Would like to learn how to do one of these statues or learn any of the techniques using Powertex products in the UK please feel free to message me, if I can't help you out I will direct you to the relevant person .

Happy 'Texing

Powertex is a Fabric Hardening and sculpting system combining liquids, powders and pigments which when combined with natural fibres will give a hard , waterproof finish ( with the exception of Powertex clear hardener )

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