Friday, 10 February 2017

Cathartic De-clutter

Surely its For the best?

Well I have to admit to being a bit of a hoarder, no seriously I like nothing more than to trawl car boots, charity shops and even admit to digging in the odd skip. I am a bit of a magpie who likes nothing more than the thrill of the chase. Now I know that a lot of people I know are like this. I like to collect interesting things, nothing unusual about that I know but I have probably realised today or maybe its been dawning for a while (at last the penny drops ) that I have started, I don't know why or when, to be forming emotional attachments to items, even bits of clothing. I know this is stupid but we all still do it, I am saying we, because, I know I can't be the only one. I know some people are anal about de-clutter , I don't want to be like that. The collecting is in itself a hobby to me, basically I like to find the stuff whether it be a cool old book or my latest folly "anything Bakelite". Now its got to the point where I have to start letting things go. A little example of this madness; I have just cleared my wardrobe out. Now in there I found three shirts from Next , they must have been bought about 5 years ago and still have the tags on. Not unusual like I said but I have moved home and cleared my wardrobe out at least three times since moving, so what is the problem with me throwing stuff out? I think I have every paperback that I've read in the last ten years, what gives? is it some kind of illness? Well that's it my outpouring so to speak. The conclusion, I have realised that I need to get rid of lots of stuff. I appreciate that emotional stuff is stuff with memories attached to it. So I have decided to sell a lot of stuff, and spend the money on things and people that have a true emotional connection and not just clutter.
I could always make a living buying and selling the type of stuff I like collecting, that would be doubly rewarding.

Wish me luck. This could be painful.


  1. I am the same and know what you mean I am happy to give stuff away but not throw it out. Upcycling and adding to mixed medoa projects is helping to reduce the amount of collected stuff i have. also you can enjpy the process of upcyling. good luck x dj

    1. I know where you are coming from I have loads of bits I've bought for upcycling and to use in my artwork, but I don't seem to be using at the same rate I am accumulating,
      my philosophy is buy, sell trade but now its time for some bits to move on