Thursday, 30 March 2017

Powertex Bling napkin ring

A Touch Of Class

Well Heather has been playing again ( bless her she comes up with all the cool stuff ) and she has made this very classy looking napkin ring.
Made using Bronze Powertex hardener a small length of natural lace ribbon a piece of double faced satin ribbon, blue ricrac and a Creative Expressions glass cabochon embellishment. The edges are softened using Powercolor turquoise .
just love it!!


  1. You are right- Heather does come up with all the cool stuff!!! (but you do pretty well yourself, so don't sulk!!) I love this, and without the big blingy bow it would make a cool bangle!!

    1. I'm not sulking lol. I love the stuff Heather does. You would have to have tiny wrists for this to be a bangle.

  2. Thanks Teresa 😘 John is very good at encouraging me lol xx