Saturday, 1 April 2017

My First Published Magazine Piece

****At Last****

Well I have been waiting since October to share this news with you.

Late last year I was asked to do a Powertex project for the Craft Stamper Magazine. Being Craft Stamper I obviously had to use Stamps as well but being an avid stamper that was no biggie. I chose a couple of Creative Expressions stamps as you'd expect as I work for them both background stamps. One was a Lisa Horton stamp and one was John Lockwood Stamp. Now I know I'm not on the Cover this time that honour goes to this lovely project by Fran Westmorland.

As soon as I get my preview picture I'll give you a cheeky peek.

The magazine is on general sale on the 7th of April. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing this piece and would love to do some more given the chance.
If you buy the magazine I would love some feedback please.
I have been asked to let people know, if you buy the magazine there has been a slight hiccup with the cover stamp the stamp advertised will be on a later issue.


  1. Can't wait to pick up my copy. Huge congratulations to you John!

  2. Well done Mr Glossop. About time you got famous 😊Xxx

    1. Thanks Lynne I hope you like it if you get a chance to see it, I'll just sit back now and wait for the fallout lol

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Quite an enjoyable experience and lots of lovely positive feedback. x