Friday, 27 July 2018

Powertex Homage To The " Caribbean "

Calypso The Call Of The Siren 

Its been awhile since I blogged anything crafty on here. 

So here goes I recently got a commission this was on the back of one of my sample pieces 

The piece they saw was the one on the right which I call the pirates potion bottle

Recently a lady saw it and asked me to make her one, she also wanted a female counterpart

On talking it came out that she is a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

It made sense then to do a Calypso/Siren homage.

Here is the work in progress. 

I will post when its finished if anybody would like to do it has a workshop, you know where I am.

Hope you like it 

Thanks for looking
John & Heather xx

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