Sunday, 8 February 2015

Industrial Clock by John Glossop

One of my favourite workshops of all time . The "Industriana Clock" is an amalgamation of some of my favourite distressing Techniques used together to decorate a working clock .
 One of the first workshops done under the mantle of Dreams of Vintopia.
I've done this workshop many times and it is always popular
Finished Industrial Clock

Embossed Collage
Moulding Paste Embossing

Prototype Industrial Clock
Leather Stitched Faux Leather
Rusted Chequer  Board


Rusted Ripple Effect
 Faux Distressed Leather

Rusted Silhouette


  1. My first John Glossop workshop - was not prepared for how messy this was going to be lol! Had such fun and was thrilled with the new techniques I learnt and trying a different type of crafting. I was hooked - haven't missed a workshop of yours since.

  2. and its been great having you . You are an inspiration to me x

  3. did this workshop and loved it

  4. Can you tell me how you did the stamping into moulding paste ?