Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Powertex and upcycling

An old Tool Box and some Powertex

As it was a nice weekend I decided to do a bit of upcycling . We had an old tool box of Heathers that was looking a bit sorry for itself so we decided to use it as a planter. I gave it a good clean out before drilling some holes in the bottom for drainage. I then topped it up with all purpose compost before planting a mix of bedding plants . No planter is complete without a Powertex Pixie house for the local Pixies to move into.

Heathers Powertexed Bottle solar light sits nicely by its side and keeps it illuminated through the night.

This is the third place my pixie house has been moved too but I think this time it is here to stay.

Nothing "pixie" about this flower.... it dwarf's all the other flowers in the garden it is so HUGE!!!

Yes ... Heather actually caught me doing something other than crafting , This Lavendula is a bit pot bound , so into a bigger pot with fresh compost.

I also noticed this fine pair of owls are nesting in my spotted Laurel

We seam to be building a menagerie.

He looks a bit like a fish out of water in amongst the lillies.

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