Monday, 28 March 2016

Maniq Monday for real

Final stages of preparation on Deirdre

Had such a great day crafting side by side with Heather , Me working on Deirdre and  Heather working on her clock . These pictures show Deidre almost complete ready for paint , and I know she looks a little busy at the moment the first coat of black base coat will put pay to that . I calculate there is probably about 6 hours of painting before she can be sealed and finished .

Full frontal showing detail to chest piece , rotten and  burnt flesh . I haven't decided yet whether to do pustules and blisters .

No this isn't a moustache.

Side view of Cyclopean visor


  1. Amazing - she is looking good and no doubt will be gorgeous once painted!! I have my latex....still unused LOL!!!

    1. Thanks Teresa r.e. latex Get it used !!! lol

    2. just realised these images are the post burnt sinew stage

    3. would you like me to bring her over when she's finished ?