Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Soundtrack to my week 08/03/16

Soundtrack to my week
Adventures in Stereogram world

I had a really good week as far as music goes this week. I have been on the lookout for a stereo system to play my vinyl and cassettes on ( yeah I really am that old ). While perusing one second hand shop, I found a 1980's Sharp stereo system, pictured below. No Speakers. Is it Working? I asked, The shop keepers  reply was a shrug of the shoulders . I plugged it in and the turntable started turning but still no speakers meant I couldn't try it . Do I take a chance ? How much is it I asked .......£4 was the reply . Ok I said, I'll take a chance .So I take it home with no speakers to test it .

Later that same day in a different town I walk into another second hand shop and guess what I spy? Tucked away at the back of the shop is only a 1970's Toshiba Stereogram in excellent cosmetic condition . Now I know that this is ten years older than the one I've just bought ..... but it has speakers! So, to the question, how much ? The answer £50 . Is it all working I ask . Yes but there is no belt for the turntable, hmmm I says, I couldn't possibly pay £50 not knowing if the turntable works or not . So we do the dance and I walk away, ( when I say walked away I staggered away this thing weighs a tonne ), with it for £25, result!! ( there was also a treadle sewing machine in the deal as well but that's a story for another day.

So £30 two stereograms one has no speakers one has no turntable belt .I goes home and I plug the sharp in and attached the Toshiba speakers . I turn it on , we have power I select phono and lift the arm and the turntable turns. I lower the needle to the record and its alive, wow!!! what a sound from a system that's 35 years old . So I am happy to say that my purchases were a success  sometimes you buy a lemon but this time the boy did good, oh and by the way did I tell you I'd picked up another treadle sewing machine as well .......

Soundtrack to my week has been as follows

Judas Priest :- Killing Machine :- Vinyl
Stryper :- ISAIAH 53:5 :- Vinyl
Thin Lizzy :- Black Rose :- Vinyl
Dr Hook :- Rising :- Vinyl
Dividium :- In Terrifying Colour :- CD Ultra rare Instrumental version courtesy of the band
Iron Maiden :- Book of Souls :- CD


  1. Jammy sod....never find anything cool in our junk shops......

    1. Wait till you see the other items I picked up

  2. I had a very similar Sharp system in the 80's. Loved it.

    1. I am amazed at the quality of the sound considering its age