Friday, 26 May 2017

"The Sisters" A Powertex Work In Progress

"Daughters of Mardiva"

These are my latest Powertex works in progress. They are the Daughters of Mardiva the goddess of Reclamation, she has many faces and many guises if the legends are true. These are her Daughters, Tempella ( The goddess of procrastination and Idle Hands ) and Decura (The goddess of rebirth and reincarnation). Legend has it that the sisters along with their mother are prophesised to destroy  civilisation in order to welcome in a new era they  are collectively known as the trio of chaos or simply the "Chaosians"


  1. These look fascinating. Love the story of who they are and look forward to seeing your progress with them.

    1. Thanks Teresa sometimes I like to escape into these imaginary worlds to help the piece evolve, a back story always helps to explain the creative process.