Thursday, 8 June 2017

"Floating Fauna"

Cascading Teacups

Hope you are all well, This is one from our next range of craft workshops.
I know this isn't something new but I have been asked if I could do this as a workshop.

I love this idea and concept and my mind is already racing with the possibilities.

These projects were done with fabric flowers and this first example is one made by Heather.

This example is mine and isn't quite as delicate as Heathers.


I loved doing this and look forward to teaching it.

Well there they are, I am sure lots of you will have done these.
If you have what have you used as well as Flowers. I would love to know.


  1. Unusual but lovely.


  2. Very different for you, John ! What a pretty concept open to all sorts of possibilities !

    1. A very versatile concept completely different to the project that's going on tonight ( a glimpse at my dark side )I have done a lot of girly stuff in the past.