Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Powertex Delightful Dozen

The Delightful Dozen

What a fantastic selection of finished Powertex Statues

These are the finished statues from Saturdays workshop

All the ladies started out with the same bag of goodies with the exception of the head which I had allowed them to pre-order.

How different they all look

I am really impressed by how they all turned out

Well done ladies you did a great job.


  1. What wonderful statues, love the first " white" one.
    Can I ask had any of the people had any experience of using Powertex before?
    Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

    1. Hi Lillian, Some of the ladies have minimal experience and some this was their first project. If you are being taught by an accredited instructor they will guide you all the way. Don't worry about not having any experience just get in there and have a go.