Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Felicity Prototype Mannequin Shelf unit

 Hi guys how's it going?

This is Felicity , I suppose she was the prototype to " the sewer rat " mannequin already featured on here .
I wanted this one functional so I turned it into a mini shelf unit .
What do you think ? quite cool eh?
I had lots of fun doing this as I also made the mannequin from scratch ( the first of many ).
It is made using a papier mache/ plaster bandage base and decorated with a steam punk theme as you can see.
All in all about 20 man hours went into this ,I think its worth it and although the pictures are pretty good they don't do her justice.

Felicity Mannequin Front View


Top shelf detail


Bottom shelf detail

Rear view


neck detail

neck detail


  1. Hiya John. Luv this! When are you going to come to my club to teach?????!!!!! Xxxxx

  2. I would love to come I would probably have to do a weekend to make it worthwhile though. Is that an option ?
    Thanks for the positive feedback x

  3. Definitely worth the hours you've spent on this / absolutely stunning x

  4. Hi Sarah B Thanks for the kind remarks I have just started work on another one I'll post progress pictures