Saturday, 13 June 2015

Whats happening in Dreams of Vintopia with John Glossop today......

Happy Saturday Everyone,
                                           Hope you are all well , I am actually starting work again in the "Manneqinarium" today .Its approximately 5 weeks till I go for my surgery so would like to get another one finished before I go under the Knife , I am interested to know if people would like to see the progress in stages or just see the finished mannequin when its done? Let me know.

Picked up some great goodies since finishing Felicity and The Sewer Rat aka Ugly.,
Hoping to use them on the next mannequin.

Our Yorkshire Rose.
On a different note our first batch of roses have bloomed this week and are looking rather nice.

Beautiful Red Roses


  1. We love gardening, not able to have many roses as they have been planted before. Have a love climber called Gertrude Jekyll looks lovely with a clematis Nora. also a great rose call Simba which would lovely with your Yorkshire rose. Enjoy and take care.

  2. Thanks Rosemary
    I love gardening although I don't know a great deal about plants , Heather is the rose expert. I am more a landscaper lol

  3. Roses are one of my favourite flowers. I love the red ones. See you use roses on your butterfly canvas, is this a workshop only or do you have a video? I enjoy looking at your blog, love felicity looks like a lot of work has gone into them. I am a more shabby chic crafter, do you do more of this kind of thing? I am a bit far away to do your workshops.


  4. Hi Erica,
    I know Linlithgow Quite well ,Am I right in thinking that is where Mary queen of Scots was born , please correct me if I am wrong. I am in the process of doing some mini techniques videos but I am a bit shy lol. I have a face for radio as they say so they will be hands only shots. Watch this space and thanks for looking

  5. It would be good to see your mannequin in stages if you have time to post on your blog. Huge fan of your work and need to get on one of your workshops again.