Monday, 10 August 2015

Mannequin Monday 1o Aug 2015....

Deirdre is nearing the stage of decoration.....

Hi Guys sorry I've been getting behind on this project .Without boring you too much, I have gotten a bit bogged down. The post op recovery is going really well , everything looks like its healing really nicely, I am just feeling really tired. All that aside I have started work on Deirdre again but I think I need to be a bit more realistic and maybe maniq Monday will have to be every too weeks from now on, especially when I go back to work. From the other mannequins I have done this is the best time for me the laborious part of making the mannequin is over and now I can enjoy and let the creative juices do their job.

Deirdre having first base coat of paint
Deirdre having first base coat of paint

Some of the bits that I could use on Deirdre

I have been through the goodie pile and pulled a few possible items to use on this mannequin I find this stage strangely exciting the minds eye takes over quite a bit at this stage . I may not use everything in this pile but I will definitely use some of these goodies and lots more



  1. Hi

    Found your blog via a link from Inky Finger Zone, the word 'mannequin' intrigued me! I had a skim and I like what i see. Bookmarked and will be back for a proper read through.

    Crafty good wishes,


  2. Hi "Wheelybad"
    Glad you like it there are lots of pictures of the new mannequin to come over the next few weeks


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