Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's not manic Monday?


Maniq Monday... ish  

Well things have moved on a little bit this week . I have screwed on the laminated shoulder pads.
I have fitted and padded out the cyclopean visor ( this came from an old marine boat siren I picked up somewhere )
The lights above the visor I think but I could be wrong came from an old carnival ride .I got quite a few in all different colours.
 The shoulder pads are decorated with two heavy duty vintage resistors from the 50's or 60's

Shoulder pads and visor detail the resistors look really cool and give it that retro industrial vibe


Visor screwed on and then secured with Golden gel medium all open spaces were then patched in ready for filler

Visor secured now to decorate

Lights fitted above visor.


Shoulder pads screwed into body

 I think the next stage will be to tidy up the rough areas using some fast drying filler. I am starting to think about how to decorate the head next , I have an idea but not sure if it will work . Watch this space to see what I do this week .

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