Monday, 17 August 2015

It's Mannequin Monday again!!

We actually have a post for "Mannequin Monday......

I know I know ... calm down not much to report but its Monday and that means a mannequin update, so here it is. The final paper cover has gone on and its been painted with black gesso.

Deirdre with her first coat of paint.


Shoulder pad details.

Shoulder pad details.

 First stages of the making of the shoulder pads.
The shoulder pads start off as a hand drawn template, this is cut out and duplicated. The two templates are the re-enforced on the part that will overhang the shoulder ( it will make sense once they are attached). they are then stitched together with light gauge wire for added details.
Look at the photos of "Sewer Rat " and "Felicity2 for finished samples.

I found a whole new bunch of bits I would like to incorporate in some way or another.

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