Monday, 31 August 2015

Just Another Mannequin Monday?


Maniq Monday again

Hi Guys its Maniq Monday again not got much done this week. I've returned to work this week and been quite busy but what I have taken pictures of what I have done. Below is a picture of the ribbed crest that runs from the brow line to the nape. This will add texture and will look like cast iron by the time I've painted and textured it .

The Ridge running front to back

The decorative chest plate is courtesy of an ornate hinge which I've changed Slightly and I've impregnated a pressure gauge into the chest region
I am hoping to get some more of the head decorated this week so pop back next week for an update.
but I do have a metal workshop to prepare for and teach this coming weekend so i'll get do what I can.


  1. Thanks for showing these 'behind the scenes' photos - really interesting to see the process x

  2. Hi Teresa
    Thanks for the comments I show people the finished mannequins and although not liked by everyone they they ask how its done, but its hard to appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these mannequins and its hard to explain the thought processes that go into designing these mannequins