Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Gift From a New Friend


A New Acquisition 

I have been working at head office all week getting ready for the big trade show at the weekend , in the course of this I got to meet a new friend . While chatting it came out that I like all old things including old cameras , record players etc . She then kindly told me that if I liked old cameras I was quite welcome to her dad's old Russian camera , which you can see from the photos is in really good condition , now my original idea was to break this up and use the parts maybe on a mannequin but having seen it in the flesh I don't think I could bring myself to dismantle it . It is in its original leather case and comes with a fighter pilot type viewfinder again with its original case.
The camera is stamped made in Russia


  1. Do not break this camera up - it is incredible!! Could sit and look at it just for the thrill, never mind use it.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    Absolutely no intentions of breaking it up! It will join the collection I have and hopefully, when our lounge is redone it will go in a display cabinet.

  3. I love this camera. You could definitely make it a centre piece in a display cabinet with some of your art work.

    1. Seems we like the same type of things are you a camera buff yourself? if so would love to see pictures of your collection.