Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Soundtrack to my week

Hi all
          Just back from  gruelling 4 day "weekend" at Birmingham's NEC . A rather hectic week last week making samples and preparing for the weekend and then the actual trade show itself . Met up with loads of my customers , most of whom  I now consider to be friends.

 I thank the following artists for inspiring me and helping me through the week.The soundtrack to my week reads as follows:-

Testament :-The Formation of Damnation

Megadeth :- Th1rtee3n

Megadeth :- Dystopia

Billy Idol :- Essential

The Rasmus :- Dead Letters

Eurythmics :- Ultimate Collection

Its great to be home where my true inspiration keeps me on my toes, here's to a new one



  1. One day at the show was more than enough for me - don't think I could cope with the entire weekend. It was great to see you and your fantastic piece of art - sorry to have missed meeting your better half! Look forward to playing with the new products we ordered. See you soon x

  2. As always it was great to see the ladies from garners. Glad you like the piece of art and I have not forgotten that I have to cast two skulls for you . The new products are really cool I think you will love them