Monday, 29 February 2016

War of the Worlds, Dominion Theatre, London

Another Item Ticked off my " Bucket List "
This weekend just gone , I managed to tick another item off my Bucket list, I have always been a big fan of The War of the Worlds by H G Wells , but I have always been a bigger fan of the same titled musical Soundtrack , which I originally had on Vinyl then cassette and then finally CD .
The performance was brilliant and far surpassed my expectations . The cast was as follows :-
Liam Neeson (projection and hologram) , Michael Praed , David Essex , Jimmy Nail , Heidi Range , Daniel Bedingfield , Madalena Alberto.

My first time to the Dominion Theatre , I was quite impressed a lovely theatre and the stage looked really cool decorated by steampunk cogs.

Smiles all round before the performance .


  1. Lovely to see you looking so happy John (and Heather) and glad you enjoyed your night out! Lots of ideas flowing I expect! Cx

    1. Its nice to be happy and enjoying life. I highly recommend it x