Saturday, 28 January 2017

John Glossop Powertex Helpful Tip Number 1

Helpful tips for using Powertex Products number 1

I thought I would post this tip , for the simple reason it solved a problem for me . If it works for me then it might work for you. My problem was during workshops I was constantly having to refill my bister mister bottles because of their small capacity. So I  bought bigger spritzer bottles but wasn't impressed with their dispersal pattern . Now , like a lot of people at the moment, we are eating healthy, so when this bottle became empty I grabbed it to try and hey presto , a great spray pattern with a 190ml capacity and absolutely free, the label is easy to remove which makes them ideal.
I would assume that they will work for any soluble paints or ink mediums but have not tried them with micas.
Let me know how you go on.


  1. Great idea John!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic way to recycle and improve the Bister spray.Thanks John

    1. No problem. This means more money for the good stuf