Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ever growing garden the saga continues

It just keeps getting bigger

The saga to create space for our studio continues, we have regained so much space its unbelievable how all this was hidden behind the hedge.

A cheap shredder/chipper has been a god send and saved us so many man hours . I would highly recommend one of these.

I had to build a little pallet bridge for Heather to get over my footings trench. The idea is to lose the slope and instead have a 2/3 tiered garden.

Next job will be to top the trees at the top , rip down and replace the fence. I can then put down the concrete slab for the base of the shed/studio.


  1. Eh gods John, you have been a busy bunny.

    The Henderson's Relish Gal

  2. Hi Teresa you ain't seen the half of it. I will post pictures and keep you up to date with all developements