Friday, 20 January 2017

No More Manniq Mondays.................

Deirdre Completed

We have been moving a few things on the Blog and having a clean up and we realised that we never put a completed picture of Deirdre up!! So here she is in her completed glory.

I think she turned out great .... but then I would ...she is my baby!!!

I wanted a lot of texture, ( check out the pics below for the zombie flesh!) and colour on Deirdre, the opposite of the other 2. Some of you may notice she doesn't have her rocket packs on, I decided they didn't look right on her so they will be used on another project. 

The mannequins are one of my favourite projects, however they are very time consuming
so not sure when I will find time to start another one as we have a lot on this year.... maybe I will start a Powertex one .... I have the base already done so just need the ideas and time. 

Thanks to everyone for the comments and for taking the time to follow the creation of Deirdre.

Ta for now

Deirdre in all her glory

"Zombie Flesh... a cool technique

Belt detail

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